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Gertrud Woker Strasse 5, 2nd floor.

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The MT-Lab is involved in several research projects funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation

There is currently no opened positions in the lab. But higly motivated candidate are always welcome to contact us.

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"Combined MEK and PI3'K inhibition reveals synergy in targeting thyroid cancer in vitro and in vivo."

ElMokh-O, Ruffieux-Daidié-D, Roelli-MA, Stooss-A, Phillips-WA, Gerstch-J, Dettmer-MS & Charles-RP

Oncotarget April 2017

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NCCR-TransCure site visit

TransCure end of Phase 2 symposium

Oct 9-10th

Oct 24th

"Questioning the role of selected somatic PIK3C2B mutations in squamous non-small cell lung cancer oncogenesis"

Kind-M, Klukowska-Rötzler-J, Berezowska-S, Arcaro-A & Charles-RP

PLOS One Oct 2017

"PIK3CAH1047R-induced paradoxical ERK activation results in resistance to BRAFV600E specific inhibitors in BRAFV600E PIK3CAH1047R double mutant thyroid tumors"

Roelli-MA,, Ruffieux-Daidié-D, Stooss-A, ElMokh-O, Phillips-WA, Dettmer-MS & Charles-RP

Oncotarget, Oct 2017

"The LAT1 inhibitor JPH203 reduces growth of thyroid carcinoma in a fully immunocompetent mouse model."

Häfliger-P, Graff-J, Rubin-M, Stooss-A, Dettmer-MS, Altmann-KH, Gertsch-J & Charles-RP

J Exp Clin Cancer Res, Sep 2018

4th Endocannabinoid Pharmacology Meeting

Oct 25-26th

7th Faculty retreat and Staff Lausanne

Nov 6-7th

Thanksgiving 2018

Nov 22nd