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L. Farine, M. Niemann, A. Schneider and P. Bütikofer. Phosphatidylethanolamine and phosphatidylcholine biosynthesis by the Kennedy pathway occurs at different sites in Trypanosoma brucei. Scientific Reports 5, 16787 (2015).

M. Serricchio, A.W. Schmid, M.E. Steinmann, E. Sigel, M. Rauch, D. Julkowska, S. Bonnefoy, C. Fort, P. Bastin and P. Bütikofer. Flagellar membranes are rich in raft-forming phospholipids. Biology Open 4, 1143-1153 (2015).

J.P. de Macedo, G. Schumann Burkard, M. Niemann, M.P. Barrett, H. Vial, P. Mäser, I. Roditi, A. Schneider and P. Bütikofer. An atypical mitochondrial carrier that mediates drug action in Trypanosoma brucei. PLoS Pathogens 11(5): e1004875 (2015).

A. Gonzalez-Salgado, M. Steinmann, L.L. Major, E. Sigel, J.L. Reymond, T.K. Smith and P. Bütikofer. Trypanosoma brucei bloodstream forms depend upon uptake of myo-inositol for Golgi phosphatidylinositol synthesis and normal growth. Eukaryotic Cell 14, 616-24 (2015).

R.S. Schmidt and P. Bütikofer. Autophagy in Trypanosoma brucei: amino acid requirement and regulation during different growth phases. PLoS ONE 9(4): e93875 (2014).

S. Ramakrishnan, M. Serricchio, B. Striepen and P. Bütikofer. Lipid synthesis in protozoan parasites: a comparison between kinetoplastids and apicomplexans. Prog. Lipid Res. 52, 488-512 (2013).

J.P. Macedo, R.S. Schmidt, P. Mäser, D. Rentsch, H.J. Vial, E. Sigel and P. Bütikofer. Characterization of choline uptake in Trypanosoma brucei procyclic and bloodstream forms. Mol. Biochem. Parasitol. 190, 16-22 (2013).

J. Jelk, N. Gao, M. Serricchio, A. Signorell, R.S. Schmidt, J.D. Bangs, A. Acosta-Serrano, M.A. Lehrman, P. Bütikofer and A.K. Menon. Glycoprotein biosynthesis in a eukaryote lacking the membrane protein Rft1. J. Biol. Chem. 288, 20616-20623 (2013).

M. Serricchio and P. Bütikofer. Phosphatidylglycerophosphate synthase associates with a mitochondrial inner membrane complex and is essential for growth of Trypanosoma brucei. Mol. Microbiol. 87, 569-579 (2013).

L. Farine and P. Bütikofer. The ins and outs of phosphatidylethanolamine synthesis in Trypanosoma brucei. Biochim. Biophys. Acta 1831, 533-542 (2013).

M. Serricchio and P. Bütikofer. An essential bacterial-type cardiolipin synthase mediates cardiolipin formation in a eukaryote. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 109, E954-61 (2012).

A. Gonzalez-Salgado, M.E. Steinmann, E. Greganova, M. Rauch, P. Mäser, E. Sigel and P. Bütikofer. myo-Inositol uptake is essential for bulk inositol phospholipid but not glycosylphosphatidylinositol synthesis in Trypanosoma brucei. J. Biol. Chem. 287, 13313-13323 (2012).

E. Greganova and P. Bütikofer. Ethanolamine phosphoglycerol attachment to eEF1A is not essential for normal growth of Trypanosoma brucei. Sci. Rep. 2, 254, DOI:10.1038/srep00254 (2012).

M. Serricchio and P. Bütikofer. Trypanosoma brucei: a model micro-organism to study eukaryotic phospholipid biosynthesis. FEBS J. 278, 1035-1046 (2011).

T.K. Smith and P. Bütikofer. Lipid metabolism in Trypanosoma brucei. Mol. Biochem. Parasitol. 172, 66-79 (2010).

P. Bütikofer , E. Greganova, Y.-C. Liu, I.J. Edwards, M.J. Lehane and A. Acosta-Serrano. Lipid remodelling of glycosylphosphatidylinositol (GPI) glycoconjugates in procyclic form trypanosomes: biosynthesis and processing of GPIs revisited. Biochem. J. 428, 409-418 (2010).

E. Greganova, M. Heller and P. Bütikofer. A structural domain mediates attachment of ethanolamine phosphoglycerol to eukaryotic elongation factor 1A in Trypanosoma brucei. PLoS ONE 5(3): e9486 (2010).

E. Greganova, P. Bütikofer and A. Acosta-Serrano. The lipid portion of protease resistant surface glycoconjugate from Trypanosoma congolense is composed of tri-acylated phosphatidylinositol lipids and contains myristate. Mol. Biochem. Parasitol. 171, 50-54 (2010).

A. Signorell, E. Gluenz, J. Rettig, A. Schneider, M.K. Shaw, K. Gull and P. Bütikofer. Perturbation of phosphatidylethanolamine synthesis affects mitochondrial morphology and cell cycle progression in procyclic form Trypanosoma brucei. Mol. Microbiol. 72, 1068-1079 (2009).

A. Signorell, M. Rauch, J. Jelk, M.A.J. Ferguson and P. Bütikofer. Phosphatidylethanolamine in Trypanosoma brucei is organized in two separate pools and is synthesized exclusively by the Kennedy pathway. J. Biol. Chem. 283, 23636-23644 (2008).

A. Signorell, J. Jelk, M. Rauch and P. Bütikofer. Phosphatidyl-ethanolamine is the precursor of the ethanolamine phosphoglycerol moiety bound to eukaryotic elongation factor 1A. J. Biol. Chem. 283, 20320-20329 (2008).

M. Jaquenoud, M. Pagac, A. Signorell, M. Benghezal, J. Jelk, P. Bütikofer and A. Conzelmann. The Gup1 homologue of Trypanosoma brucei is a GPI glycosylphosphatidylinositol remodelase. Mol. Microbiol. 67, 202-212 (2008).

S. Utz, I. Roditi, C. Kunz Renggli, I.C. Almeida, A. Acosta-Serrano and P. Bütikofer. Trypanosoma congolense procyclins: unmasking cryptic major surface glycoproteins in procyclic forms. Eukaryot. Cell 5, 1430-1440 (2006).

P. Gregory, E. Kraemer, G. Zürcher, R. Gentinetta, V. Rohrbach, U. Brodbeck, A.C. Andres, A. Ziemiecki and P. Bütikofer. GPI-specific phospholipase D is expressed during mouse development and is localized to the extracellular matrix of the developing mouse skeleton. Bone 37, 139-147 (2005).

A.C. Schlaeppi, T. Malherbe and P. Bütikofer. Coordinate expression of GPEET procyclin and its membrane-associated kinase in Trypanosoma brucei procyclic forms. J. Biol. Chem. 278, 49980-49987 (2003).

E. Vassella, P. Bütikofer, M. Engstler, J. Jelk and I. Roditi. Procyclin null mutants of Trypanosoma brucei express free glycosylphosphatidylinositols on their surface. Mol. Biol. Cell 14, 1308-1318 (2003).

P. Bütikofer, J. Jelk, T. Malherbe, E. Vassella, A. Acosta-Serrano, C. Kunz Renggli, R. Brun and I. Roditi. Phosphorylation of GPEET procyclin is not necessary for survival of Trypanosoma brucei procyclic forms in culture and in the tsetse fly midgut. Mol. Biochem. Parasitol. 126, 287-291 (2003).

P. Bütikofer, E. Vassella, A. Mehlert, M.A.J. Ferguson and I. Roditi. Characterisation and cellular localisation of a GPEET procyclin precursor in Trypanosoma brucei insect forms. Mol. Biochem. Parasitol. 119, 87-95 (2002).

P. Bütikofer, E. Vassella, M. Boschung, C. Kunz Renggli, R. Brun, T.W. Pearson and I. Roditi. Glycosylphosphatidylinositol-anchored surface molecules of Trypanosoma congolense insect forms are developmentally regulated in the tsetse fly. Mol. Biochem. Parasitol. 119, 7-16 (2002).

P. Bütikofer, T. Malherbe, M. Boschung and I. Roditi. GPI-anchored proteins: now you see'em, now you don't. FASEB J. 15, 545-548 (2001).

E. Vassella, J. Van Den Abbeele, P. Bütikofer, C. Kunz Renggli, A. Furger, R. Brun and I. Roditi. A major surface glycoprotein of Trypanosoma brucei is expressed transiently during development and can be regulated post-transcriptionally by glycerol or hypoxia. Genes Dev. 14, 615-626 (2000).

P. Bütikofer. Correction of the PNH defect by GPI protein transfer: still an open question (Letter). Blood 95, 1876-1877 (2000).

A.K. Menon and P. Bütikofer. Biosynthesis of GPIs in mammalian cells. In: GPI-Anchored Membrane Proteins and Carbohydrates. A Molecular Biology Intelligence Unit Series (D.C. Hoessli, S. Ilangumaran, eds.), R.G. Landes Company, Austin TX, p. 15-28 (1999).

C.M. Ochatt, P. Bütikofer, M. Navarro, E. Wirtz, D. Armah and G.A.M. Cross. Conditional expression of glycosylphosphatidylinositol phospholipase C in Trypanosoma brucei. Mol. Biochem. Parasitol. 103, 35-48 (1999).

P. Bütikofer, E. Vassella, S. Ruepp, M. Boschung, G. Civenni, T. Seebeck, A. Hemphill, N. Mookherjee, T.W. Pearson and I. Roditi. Phosphorylation of a major GPI-anchored surface protein of Trypanosoma brucei during transport to the plasma membrane. J. Cell Sci. 112, 1785-1795 (1999).

G. Civenni, P. Bütikofer, B. Stadelmann and U. Brodbeck. In vitro phosphorylation of purified glycosylphosphatidylinositol-specific phospholipase D. Biol. Chem. 380, 585-588 (1999).

I. Roditi, A. Furger, S. Ruepp, N. Schürch and P. Bütikofer. Unravelling the procyclin coat of Trypanosoma brucei. Mol. Biochem. Parasitol. 91, 117-130 (1998).

G. Civenni, S.T. Test, U. Brodbeck and P. Bütikofer. In vitro incorporation of GPI-anchored proteins into human erythrocytes and their fate in the membrane. Blood 91, 1784-1792 (1998).

P. Bütikofer, S. Ruepp, M. Boschung and I. Roditi. "GPEET" procyclin is the major surface protein of Trypanosoma brucei brucei 427 procyclic culture forms. Biochem. J. 326, 415-423 (1997).

P. Bütikofer, M. Boschung, U. Brodbeck and A.K. Menon. Phosphatidylinositol hydrolysis by Trypanosoma brucei glycosylphosphatidylinositol phospholipase C. J. Biol. Chem. 271, 15533-15541 (1996).

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